Our Principles

What we believe:

★ All people have a right to live a dignified life.

  • No person should struggle to make ends meet in a world of plenty.
  • No person should die of a curable disease because of birth or misfortune.
  • No person should go hungry while others feast.
  • No person should fear for their lives when they encounter the police.
  • No person should fear for their safety or be treated with disrespect because of their identity.

★ We believe in democratic control over all facets of our lives. Democracy does
not end at the workplace - we spend much of our lives at work. We do not
believe that our right to live a dignified life ends when we enter the workplace.
We should have a say in economic decisions that affect our lives.

★ Too much wealth and power is concentrated in too few hands. We believe in
true equity - not privilege and comfort to those who can afford it. The working
people of the world are entitled to the wealth that we create.

★ We will fight to make this world one of fulfillment, solidarity and mutual respect
instead of a world of cold-hearted competition and greed.

★ We believe that capitalism not only destroys human solidarity but also destroys
the world in which we live. We are committed to building a world that protects
the earth rather than exploit it for profit.

★ In order to accomplish our goals we believe in a diversity of tactics. Our struggle
for a better world cannot be limited to a singular ideology or strategy. We
believe in building a broad based socialist movement to include anarchists,
communists, social democrats, and anybody else that agrees with our principles.
We believe in using all the tools available to dismantle the the apparatus of
oppression and build a world of solidarity and equality. We seek to accomplish
our vision through whatever means are most effective in the time and place.

★ We believe that direct action is the best means to empower ourselves and build
solidarity, but do not reject organizing politically.

★ We believe that the task of building a new world is the task of the working class
as a whole, rather than a particular party or bureaucratic caste.